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Our Outreach Media business is one of the ways we give back to the community. In collaboration with other organizations, Cool Breeze produces short films that can be packaged with discussion guides and other support materials for the benefit of educators, non-profits, and families.


These short programs are designed to cleverly weave entertainment, storytelling, and community outreach—while promoting racial, ethnic, and religious diversity and understanding.


By creating youth and educational outreach projects, Cool Breeze can help inspire, inform, and transform lives.

New eBook!

Overcoming Racial Bias to Buy My First Home

In this powerful personal growth memoir, Roger describes his journey towards homeownership, including the obstacles he faced and the six important lessons he learned about racial bias along the way.

A Must-Read
for anyone who wants to learn to counter and overcome racial bias wherever they may find it.

Snap Judgment


MARISOL is a shy, recently orphaned, middle-schooler. Today, with the help of her adoptive mother, ELENA, she rummages for items to sell at her school’s fundraiser.

When Marisol stumbles upon a peculiar doll, Elena recognizes it as an Ekeko – the souvenir/gift from an undocumented migrant girl named LUCHA. This prompts Elena to recount the colorful story of how Lucha (and her Ekeko) opened her heart … to eventually receive Marisol in adoption.


In solidarity with organizations that advocate for immigrant justice like Families Belong Together, Kids in Need of Defense, Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights , and the National Immigration Law Center.

We hope our short video can serve as a media tool supporting legal professionals, educators, social workers, counselors, and other non-profits in their work to raise awareness and fight against the lingering and devastating consequences that the Zero-Tolerance “family separation” policy has caused mothers, children, and families.


Lucha and the Ekeko


Based on an award-winning, family-oriented, short drama.

By exploring how negative racial messages are gradually internalized and passed from generation to generation, the DVD raises awareness and illuminates the profound impact of these messages on a child’s self-image.


The “TROUBLE in the WATER: Transcending Racial Negativity” DVD/Discussion Guide is an inspirational, youth-outreach, media tool that supports educators, early childhood development professionals, and counselors in their work to help youth counter the culture of bigotry and racial negativity.

Inspired by the Langston Hughes poem, “My People”

Trailer 1
Trailer 2

Our Aha! Moment. 

“From the very beginning, my team and I had a sense that "TROUBLE in the WATER" film would be an ideal media tool to promote meaningful discussions about moving beyond racial negativity.  However, what convinced us was growing interest expressed by educators and other community leaders (at festivals and community screenings) in using the film to help facilitate these discussions—as they work with youth.


This is when it became clear that our film could—and should—be part of a broader community-outreach. Now, we’re committed to getting this program into the capable hands of as many professionals teaching and mentoring youth as possible.”

Roger Edwards, Jr.


Trouble in the Water
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