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We don’t limit ourselves to any genre. Whether broad comedy, powerful drama, family movie, suspense/thriller, action-adventure, or horror, we’re open to it. We’re simply dedicated to producing independent films that combine intelligent, compelling, and entertaining narratives with commercial appeal.

Work with Cool Breeze at the earliest phases of your project.

Story Discovery



This includes identifying/discovering stories and literary properties (books, plays, etc.)

that are worth telling as motion pictures for global audiences.

Story Discovery

Once a property is optioned or acquired, we get right to work with the development process. Whether it’s doing a rewrite on an original spec script or a screenplay adaptation of a

best-selling novel, we collaborate with established screenwriters through all (re)writing stages

(from outline/treatment to the final draft).


We then work with co-development/co-production partners to take the project to the next level.


We engage in partnerships with seasoned, independent production and co-development companies with the goal of leveraging our combined resources and talents to build the strongest film package possible for presenting to studios, investors, and financiers.


Ideal partners for our co-ventures include independent production companies as well as actors, writers, or directors that have first-look deals or POD deals.


Together with our partner(s), we engage in all the activities that can lead to a project getting funded and greenlit for production, which include:


Early distributor consultations

Identifying film marketing elements

Preparing film finance and sales plan

Establishing major distributor relationship/commitment

Identifying appropriate director and lead talent attachments (in collaboration with a distributor)

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